We have inherited the most classic elements of Chinoiserie during 17th-18th century, retaining the traditional thin silk and gold/silver foil as our main materials, and combined with modern technology to develop innovative Chinoiserie wallpaper murals, so that Chinoiserie as a unique style can be everlasting.

We always believe that slow work makes perfect work. After a long and difficult research and development phase, we have finally launched a collection of products with superior quality.

Every piece you could see on our website now is made by us with the latest developed technology. And as staunch environmentalists, we use absolutely eco-friendly materials. In doing so, we are responsible both to our valued customers and to every respected employee in the workshop.

Our initial intention was to breathe new life into this traditional industry. Along the way, it has been full of pain and pleasure, fortunately your continuous support has become our sustenance and keep us moving forward...